Pool houses interior ideas

Pool houses are a fantastic addition to any outdoor or indoor pool and are not limited to becoming gyms, spas or hot tub houses. Crown Pavilions have been creating bespoke pool houses for many years and are experts when it comes to furnishing the interiors for your needs.

Interior styling ideas

There are many ways you can style the interior of a pool house to make it one of a kind and personal to you. From soft furnishings to bespoke lighting and entertainment systems, your pool house can be exactly what you need it to be and with a few added touches will become your own sanctuary.

Hanging Pictures

Hanging pictures to fit with the theme of your décor create an added personal touch to your pool house. Pictures can be of anything from family photos to paintings to add some colour and character to the walls.


Flowers brighten up any space and adding them to a table or in hanging baskets outside can bring life to your pool house. Having green foliage in potted plants is also a good way to get more oxygen into your pool house which is great for your health and wellbe

Colours & Themes

Adding a theme to your pool house décor will add character and charm to your poolside. A nautical theme is often popular, with different shades of blue and grey along with stripes, seashells, anchors and ships in bottles for a truly unique style.

Seasonal décor

Changing your pool house interior for different seasons will always bring something fresh and new to visitors and give you something new to look at while you relax. For winter, fairy lights, spiced candles and warm colours are an ideal theme and for summer, fresh flowers and bright colours will brighten up the interior.

Need more inspiration for your pool house?

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Pool houses interior ideas